Derek DeGrate

Songwriter Musician, Music Producer, 

Notable Songwriting works

Derek DeGrate has written several songs throughout his music career; including 46 songs placed in the inspirational marketplace.  Nine of those songs were recorded by Gospel group; Don DeGrate and Strong Tower and featured as theme music for various TV shows through  TBN (network). Currently Derek is writing for his new female trio project; Sunflower South.

Musical Instrument performances

Derek DeGrate is a professional world renowned Songwriter, Bass Guitarist, Guitarist, Keyboardist and drummer (which Bass Guitar is his main instrument). Some of Derek's key performances as an instrumentalist is; Bass guitar work on motion picture soundtracks (movies); including Bass guitar work on the movie; "strictly business" (starring Halle Berry), and Bass guitar compositions on several recording artists' projects (including Jodeci's "fun 2 nitie"). 

Singing and Vocals

One of Derek DeGrate's passions is arranging vocal harmonies for various projects. Derek began singing and arranging harmony at the age of 5 years old. Although Derek DeGrate released 3 solo projects as a solo recording artist; Derek is now only focused on songwriting and music production.  


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Derek DeGrate